Kalamamazoo County Trial Lawyers Association


The purposes of this organization, as set forth in Article I, Section II of its By-Laws, are:

To promote expertise in criminal and civil law and advocacy, to improve the quality of legal representation and to encourage improvement in the court system;

To educate the public, the bench and the bar of the need for quality and integrity in legal services and representation; and to promote enlightened thought concerning alternatives to, and modifications of, the present court system;

To guard against erosion of the rights and privileges guaranteed by the United States and Michigan Constitutions and laws.

It is the desire of this organization to recognize and encourage people whose activity is in harmony with and tends to advance these purposes.

WE RESOLVE that this organization shall promote recognition of those people or organizations whose activities notably advance these aims by honoring them with the Raymond W. Fox Award, which we shall present in the memory of our distinguished jurist for dedicated service or outstanding achievement in the advancement and preservation of our rights, advocacy or the legal system.
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